Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Monday, December 17, 2007

change in the blog

I am going to be changing this blog into a podcast hub.  The rss feed that comes from here will (hopefully) be set up so that anyone can get updates from the Adam Van Liew family via iTunes and podcasts (as well as via this site).

Friday, August 24, 2007

blessed are the pure in heart

Matt 5.8
"Blessed are the pure in heart..."

We talked about this verse last night at our Thursday night Bible study at the Blackfords'. There were some great ideas being tossed around and discussed. Nicole Blackford had even done a word study on what it meant to "see God" (the second part of the verse).

What are the key words? (observation)
What is the context? (observation)

  • Key words would include blessed, pure, heart, and see.
  • Context has been heart issues that are blessed by God both in the present as well as in the future (to an even fuller extent).

What does it mean to be pure in heart? (interpretation)
Is this a characteristic? (interpretation)
Is this simple external actions? (interpretation)
Does "heart" refer to the Jewish understanding of what the "heart" meant, or the Greek understanding? (interpretation)

  • Pure: undefiled, determined, dedicated, whole
  • Heart (to a Jew): the seat of reasoning (motivation), not emotion
  • Heart (to a Greek): the seat of emotion
  • Pure in heart: undefiled and determined motivation
  • That answers the question whether it is just external actions or a characteristic as we see the meaning of "pure in heart."

What does it take for me, personally, to be pure in heart? (application)

  • a

"...for they shall see God."

What are the rewards of being pure in heart? (observation)
What does the word "see" mean? (observation)
What does it mean to "see God"? (interpretation)
Does it refer to present life or future? (interpretation)

  • The reward is being able to "see God"
  • As per Nicole's word study, "see" refers to experiencing, viewing, understanding
  • 1 Corinthians 13.12 "For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then we will see face to face..."
  • We see God through experience, deepening faith, and the understanding of His Word
  • We, therefore, do get part of the blessing now, as when we are motivated purely to glorify Him here on earth, we do get to experience His presence, provision, and protection, and, therefore, get to know Him more
  • But here on earth, I only catch a glimpse of His glory, as Abraham did as he hid in the cleft of the rock and God's glory passed by him
  • If I look into a mirror, but the image is dark, I can still kind of make out the image, maybe even some detail, but to truly realize the real thing, not just the image, it takes turning around and looking into the face of the subject of the image
  • We will realize the full impact of His glory only when we see Him face to face on His return or our death; anything we experience now, even with how incredible it is, is but a slight glimpse of His true majesty which we, believers, will get to experience one day

Monday, July 16, 2007

galatians study 01

Solution to Galatian problems is a rectified understanding of the Gospel.

In the middle of relational conflict, Paul talks of a greater understanding of the Gospel.

Apostle: I have authority!  The Spirit reveals it to me, and I share it with you.  Christ sent me out as a messenger, and if you accept me, you accept Him, and, therefore, accept the One who sent Him (matt 10.40).

Walking in line with the Gospel

vv3-5 setting the stage
Summary of the Gospel:
Give grace - thru X - for God's glory.
Son saves us from evil age to give me the joy of bringing Him glory.

blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

Matt 5.6
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness..."

Who want the Lord's righteousness
"righteousness" = justice
The end of evil, sin, rebellion

1. Do you ache when you hear and see evil around you?
2. Are you hurt and offended by the things that hurt and offend God?
3. Am I grieved when someone else is rebellious? My own sin?
4. Yearn for this world to end?

Hunger and thirsting is needing it like we need food.  It's when we have not eaten and have nothing else on our mind except filling that need.

Jesus met the physical needs of people so that they could listen to the truth.

Rev 6.9f
Justice for the martyrs
Longing for His righteousness

"...for they shall be satisfied."

Rev 19.1-3
God brought His justice, judged Babylon, and the martyrs cried "hallelujah."

We are going to be stuffed at God's victory banquet.  Not with food, but with God's righteousness and justice.

Rev 19.9
Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

You'll be satisfied in witnessing God's justice prevail.  You will get justice: getting the joy of watching God hammer out judgment.

Rev 21.4-5
No more death, tears, mourning, pain.  He will make all things new.

When you hear of evil in the world, know that His justice is coming.
Be satisfied in Him doing it.  It's not my job; it's His.

The invitation is open and is standing to join the marriage supper.  You need to believe.  What a terrifying thing to be on the receiving end of God's justice.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

blessed are those who mourn

matthew 5.4
"blessed are those who mourn..."

mourn over sin: see his purity: see own filth
  • ii cor 7.9-11: sorrow leading to repentance: inspire and challenge, motivate to change
  • sorrow of the world: fear of being caught
  • sorrow of God: heart change
two pictures of sorrow
  1. peter: offended Christ by betrayal: wept bitterly, repented before Christ
  2. judas: offended Christ by betrayal: stricken by guilt, hanged himself
"...for they shall be comforted"
  • pain hollows out a place for God's comfort, a need for Him (isa 61.1-3)
isa 61
  • v2 - to comfort all those who mourn...
  • v3 - so that He may be glorified(!)
so what?!
  • repent: God's comfort is forgiveness of sin: you can't do it
  • mourn - comfort - comfort others (ii cor 1.3-5)
  • comfort is the real solution, not "consoling," but forgiving

Saturday, June 23, 2007


let us not be satisfied in just doing church, but in being the Church

fall short

"we all fall short of the glory of God" (rom 3.23)
= we all fail at revealing His character


things one can't control: circumstances and consequences
things one can control: choices


faith simply obeys and let's God manage the outcome

great gift

"God, who is everything, takes us, who are nothing, and makes us something."
~ Louie Giglio

humility defined

humility :: honestly seeing oneself in the light of God's holiness and one's own sinfulness

pride defined

pride :: aspiring to the status and position of God and refusing to asknowledge dependence on Him

faith defined

faith :: obedient response to God's promises and commands

real man

Are you a real man?
A real man...
  1. stands for purity (gen 39 - Joseph): God has given me so much, how could I do this great evil to Him?
  2. is known for courage (num 13 - Caleb and Joshua): they trust the LORD
  3. stands for convictions (dan 3, 6 - Shak, Rak, and Benny; Daniel): put up or shut up...what do you believe?  indifference is not a part of manhood
You can't not grow.
You can't not witness.


"They're going to judge Him (Christ) based on you."
~Tom Shrader, sc07, evbc

a fathers' day teaching

  1. be faithful (gen 12, 22): kids are watching; treasure the glory of God
  2. give hope (phil 3.12-15; col 3.21): empower to reveal Him; do you give hope?; relationship that matters?; believe it can?; desired by the child?
  3. show the love (num 12.3; eph 3.14-21): meekness of Christ; authority of Christ; love wife like Christ; love children; give what they need, not want
Have faith: it's all for Him glory!

*epitaph: he died climbing*

Friday, June 15, 2007

a teaching

heart, behavior, God's glory

Thursday, June 14, 2007

a teaching

The GOSPEL is the GLORY of GOD.

a teaching

It's not about me, it's about HIM!


There has been a lot of growing since I penned the words in my first post on this blog ("my guys" have now graduated high school, for starters). God has done some incredible things in the lives of my guys and in me. He has drastically changed my view of what is acceptable in worship, and even what worship is. There are two Greek words I've studied that are in the New Testament used for "worship." One is more for the corporate worship time that is directed with the congregation. That one holds the meaning on prostrating one's self in humble submission, throwing up kisses toward a superior. That is the attitude we should take toward our times on Sunday mornings (or whenever) where we are gathered together for the express purpose of bringing Him praise. The other word is more about my everyday life. It brings with it the idea of 24/7 worship. I am a 24/7 worshiper: always worshiping something with my life, but where do I place that focus? This word for "worship" reminds us that we need to be worshiping God with our entire lives, not just once a week or just when we feel like it. I should be worshiping, living a life of sacrifice dedicated to His praise, in the supermarket, at the library, at the mall, and in my own home, no matter what the circumstance. Between these two words, it's not a question of which one do I do or which one's better than the other, it's a simple understanding that I need to worship all week long with my life so that when we come together it is a blessing and extremely meaningful. (Oh, and the church's website is now

Thursday, September 18, 2003

a beginning

I am the 9th grade guys' discipleship group leader. It is truly important for me to be praying for my guys. For one, it is a partial reflection upon me how well they are doing, and, moreover, it is a reflection of who God is in them. Because God is good, the guys need to be living a life that exemplifies God's goodness and love, and yet not accepting of sin, because He is holy. My guys are not holy. I am further from holiness than they are! Praise God that He sent His Son to die for me! I need to be faithful to love God, and because I love God, then to love my guys in the Christ-like manner that He desires of me. I pray that as God works in me to become more like His Son, that God would work in the 9th grade guys from Northwest Community Church ( and make them more and more like His Son, as well.